[XeTeX] Greek Hyphenation (monotoniko)

Jonathan Kew jonathan_kew at sil.org
Mon Jan 9 13:42:21 CET 2006

On 9 Jan 2006, at 7:35 am, Alexandros D. Gotsis wrote:

> I have re-written, in UTF-8, the hyphenation pattern file for  
> modern Greek (monotoniko) that was published by  Beccari in 1997,  
> and it seems to work for me nicely. So I submit it (uni-grhyph.tex)  
> for any one interested. I hope I have not messed up with any  
> copyright etc.
> To use the hyphenation, I put the file in the same directory with   
> the active "language.dat" file (in my case in the Babel folder) and  
> added/modified the following lines in the "language.dat" file and  
> re-formated (re-installed xetex):
> %greek	grhyph.tex  (to de-activate the non-unicode greek hyphenation)
> greek uni-grhyph.tex % (to activate the unicode greek hyphenation)
> I have sent this once again a few months ago, but, apparently, to  
> the wrong address. Since there is again interest for greek  
> hyphenation I send it again. It works for monotoniko but I hope it  
> can become a basis for a hyphenation file for poytoniko also. I  
> hope it will work for everybody.

Thanks for making this available! I looked at it and it seems like a  
few further changes are in order for full Unicode compatibility. I'm  
attaching a copy with further modifications as follows:

* use U+02BC MODIFIER LETTER APOSTROPHE for the apostrophe (elision),  
not ''

* use U+2060 WORD JOINER as compound word mark, not the letter "v"

* update rules for hiathi to recognize letters with dieresis, not  
following double-quote

Most of these are probably rare in practice, but I think this more  
closely reflects how Greek text in Unicode should be encoded.

One further issue to consider would be composed vs. decomposed text;  
this file uses precomposed letters for the vowels with tonos or  
dieresis, but these could also be encoded as sequences of vowel +  
diacritic. So additional rules should be included to recognize those  
forms as well. This is left as an exercise for the reader.... :-)


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