[XeTeX] Version 0.99a released

Jose Figueroa-O'Farrill j.m.figueroa at ed.ac.uk
Fri Jan 6 18:14:36 CET 2006


Jonathan> I have just released an update to XeTeX, now at version
Jonathan> 0.99a.


Jonathan> As always, let me know of any problems that show up.

As you wish :-)  I just tried to compile a file which compiled OK
until the upgrade.  It dies now while reading xetex.def.  Here's the
start of the log:

This is XeTeX, Version 3.141592-2.2-0.99a (Web2C 7.5.3) (format=xelatex 2006.1.6)  6 JAN 2006 17:09
entering extended mode
(./RSGC.tex (/usr/local/teTeX/share/texmf.tetex/tex/latex/base/article.cls
Document Class: article 2004/02/16 v1.4f Standard LaTeX document class
File: size10.clo 2004/02/16 v1.4f Standard LaTeX file (size option)
\c at part=\count79
\c at section=\count80
\c at subsection=\count81
\c at subsubsection=\count82
\c at paragraph=\count83
\c at subparagraph=\count84
\c at figure=\count85
\c at table=\count86
Package: babel 2004/11/20 v3.8d The Babel package

Language: spanish.ldf 2004/02/20 v4.2b Spanish support from the babel system

File: babel.def 2004/11/20 v3.8d Babel common definitions
\babel at savecnt=\count87
\U at D=\dimen103
\es at quottoks=\toks14
\es at quotdepth=\count88
Package babel Info: Making . an active character on input line 509.
Package babel Info: Making " an active character on input line 540.
Package babel Info: Making < an active character on input line 641.
Package babel Info: Making > an active character on input line 642.
Package: multicol 2004/02/14 v1.6e multicolumn formatting (FMi)
\c at tracingmulticols=\count89
\mult at box=\box26
\multicol at leftmargin=\dimen104
\c at unbalance=\count90
\c at collectmore=\count91
\doublecol at number=\count92
\full at width=\dimen105
\page at free=\dimen106
\partial at page=\box27
\last at line=\box28
\mult at rightbox=\box29
\mult at grightbox=\box30
\mult at gfirstbox=\box31
\mult at firstbox=\box32
\c at columnbadness=\count95
\c at finalcolumnbadness=\count96
\last at try=\dimen109
\mult at nat@firstbox=\box50
\colbreak at box=\box51
Package: a4wide 1994/08/30

Package: a4 2004/04/15 v1.2g A4 based page layout
Package: color 1999/02/16 v1.0i Standard LaTeX Color (DPC)

File: color.cfg 2005/10/12 v1.3b color configuration of teTeX/TeXLive, extended
 for XeTeX
Package color Info: Driver file: xetex.def on input line 125.

File: xetex.def 2005/10/12 v0.8 LaTeX color/graphics driver for XeTeX (RRM)

! Illegal unit of measure (pt inserted).
<to be read again> 
l.486  \dimen@=\XeTeXrevision
Dimensions can be in units of em, ex, in, pt, pc,
cm, mm, dd, cc, bp, or sp; but yours is a new one!
I'll assume that you meant to say pt, for printer's points.
To recover gracefully from this error, it's best to
delete the erroneous units; e.g., type `2' to delete
two letters. (See Chapter 27 of The TeXbook.)

! LaTeX Error: Missing \begin{document}.

See the LaTeX manual or LaTeX Companion for explanation.
Type  H <return>  for immediate help.

Cheers, José

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