[XeTeX] Embarrassing fontspec

Will Robertson will at guerilla.net.au
Fri Jan 6 02:26:40 CET 2006

Dear all,

Thanks for all your time here. It's very much appreciated!

Hans: I do mess with fontdimens a bit, but not enough to cause this  
sort of problem. The global assignments there did catch me at first,  
though. But I wouldn't have expected fontdimen changing to affect the  
space between *letters*...

On 05/01/2006, at 0:54 , Jonathan Kew wrote:

> OK, I can now confirm that it is NOT fontspec that is at fault;  
> this is a XeTeX bug.
> [...]
> I will release an update shortly with this bug fixed (along with a  
> couple of others). In the meantime, you should be able to work  
> around it

Well, that's glad to hear :)
Delays for the update aren't any trouble...the bug doesn't stop me  
from doing any work on the package.

> [...]
> Incidentally, I noticed while trying to track this down that  
> fontspec often seems to use \font with the exact same font  
> specification two or three times in succession. Is there scope for  
> some optimization of the behavior here? I didn't dig any deeper to  
> try and figure out what it's really doing, but from inside XeTeX,  
> it looked like repeated identical calls.

Hey, you're right! I *am* using \font more than I need.
That wasn't very clever of me, huh?
One day I'll learn...

Thanks again,


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