[XeTeX] Meet the system...

Martin Henning martin at easy2design.de
Thu Feb 16 12:37:55 CET 2006


now that I apparently didn't understand the SYSTEM of the XeTeX/LaTeX/ 
unicode magic in general, I googled a little with my nice console  
browser and didn't really find a kind of summery of what is actually  
going on on my computer when i hit ⌘T. Does anyone have something  
like a flowchart where I could see how things like xunicode/fontspec/ 
xelatex/... work together? All I see, is that I am using only one  
font which includes all I need :-) I guess something like this would  
also be a good point for the XeTeX website, because judging by my own  
experiences, most users don't even understand where the problem with  
using unicode is in the first place - jusst "better" font and that's  
it :D Why are math-fonts especially a problem etc... I am one of the  
lucky Mac users out there, so I don't even have to worry why XeTeX  
work for me, it just works - talking to other students, I noticed a  
great demand for information on why and how XeTeX does not exist for  
e.g. x86 linux - the explanation "because os x has better font  
handling" always leads a little war on "my os is better than yours" :/

I know that there is information about every little piece I  
mentioned, but what I need is the broad picture. Who is talking to  
whom and why - if I manage to understand it, I would volunteer to  
convert it into something that could eventually go into some XeTeX  
documentation/faq/somehingelse - preferably something with boxes and  
arrows :)))

Thanks to the list for the extended support program concerning my  


Martin Henning
martin at easy2design.de

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