[XeTeX] Re: xunicode for maths

Will Robertson will at guerilla.net.au
Wed Feb 15 01:29:25 CET 2006

On 15/02/2006, at 8:02 , Chris Rowley wrote:

>> I would like to propose a xunicode-like package to provide for
>> mapping macros to unicode maths glyphs,
> Something like that is being done already; so please at least use  
> the same macro names. Barbara Beeton is the source of all name  
> knowledge and vast tables of such names.

Okay, it's quite tedious to do these types of thing so I certainly  
don't want to reinvent anything I don't have to.

Should I contact her directly (I've an ams email address lying  
around), or are there official channels that are more appropriate for  
this kind of thing?

As an aside: do you think this package is of any benefit?

> Exactly what is being done to provide LaTeX access to these
> Unicode-encoded maths glyphs is something I am now trying to find out
> (don't ask why the LaTeX Team knows nothing at present ...).

Well, I'd say because the only program until now that provides access  
to plane 1 mathematical characters (actually, can Omega even do  
that?) seems to have been publicly frozen in a buggy state years ago  
and updates don't seem to reach outside of whichever academic  
institution it resides.

And I hear you guys have been busy :)
Some little book or something.


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