[XeTeX] fontspec 1.9 released

Will Robertson will at guerilla.net.au
Wed Feb 15 01:09:39 CET 2006

On 14/02/2006, at 20:29 , Steffen Wolfrum wrote:

> Could it be possible to have a fontspec version also for us  
> XeConTeXters?

Unfortunately (for me) I've never used ConTeXt, and the system that  
ConTeXt uses to select fonts is radically different (that I've seen)  
from LaTeX.

So there are two hurdles for me there, and they're not easy to cross.  
Sorry about that :(

> And besides that is there also a manual somewhere that includes the  
> new features of fontspec 1.9?

Unfortunately, I'm not organised enough to keep a proper list of  
changes :) That email is the best you're going to get for this  
release, at least. If you want to see the nasty details, there's a  
change history before the index of fontspec.pdf, but it deals more  
with the TeX code changes, not a proper feature list.

All the best,


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