[XeTeX] xunicode for maths

Will Robertson will at guerilla.net.au
Tue Feb 14 01:27:36 CET 2006


As you know, Ross Moore's excellent package xunicode provides macro  
names for a very large number of unicode characters. (Wait. Jonathan,  
do I need to call them "glyphs"? Sorry, anyway:)

While XeTeX cannot currently handle maths characters using proper TeX  
techniques, it is still possible to obtain those glyphs in  
mathematics using amsmath's (and others') \text command. This was  
shown a long time ago (Sept. 2004) by Bruno Voisin.

I would like to propose a xunicode-like package to provide for  
mapping macros to unicode maths glyphs, for two reasons:
  - It allows us to experiment with existing methods, to see how far  
we can stretch XeTeX's current interface to deal with unicode maths;
  - At a later date, it provides the groundwork for a proper  
solution, provided the implementation now is well conceived.

Please find attached a .dtx file that can be compiled with XeTeX 
+LaTeX (you must have Code2001 installed, the only freely available  
font I know that contains unicode maths characters). It provides a  
skeleton of what a unicode maths package might become.

Right now I am interested in comments and tentative volunteers for  
adding in the rest of the symbols. I've CC-ed this to Chris Rowley:  
are you on the XeTeX mailing list?

Many thanks,

Will Robertson

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