[XeTeX] XeTeX: ready for full-time math?

Ross Moore ross at ics.mq.edu.au
Fri Aug 18 02:13:32 CEST 2006

Hi Will,

On 18/08/2006, at 7:45 AM, Will Robertson wrote:

> On 18/08/2006, at 0:26 , Andrew Arana wrote:
>> I recall some time back not too far that there
>> was concern that for heavy math use, XeTeX wasn't yet the best
>> choice.
> It's almost ready :)
> I have the intention of readying the support necessary in the not  
> too distant future, and this list of course will be the first to  
> know when that's done.

I looked closely at your  xmaths.sty  and have some important
changes in mind for it ...

> The situation is complicated by the fact that there aren't too many  
> fonts with tons of maths glyphs...

  ... which may help with this.

The main idea is to allow your \DeclareUnicodeMathCharacter
macro to make encoding-dependent macro-expansions, as is done
throughout (modern) LaTeX for Text Characters.

This will allow easy font/encoding switches to handle bunches
of characters using different fonts, when your main text-font
doesn't support enough for your liking.

It will also allow other technical things, like mathematical
symbols in Bookmarks.

> Will

Hope this helps,


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