[XeTeX] updated fontspec/xltxtra/ifxetex

Will Robertson wspr81 at gmail.com
Sun Aug 13 18:44:48 CEST 2006

Hello all,

In anticipation of xetex 0.995 being released, I've updated my XeTeX/ 
LaTeX packages. They will be installed automatically when XeTeX is  
updated. If any daring souls wish to try their luck with these new  
versions before the release (I'd be most appreciative!), they can be  
plucked from the texmf/ tree of the xetex svn repository:
With documentation:
Change notes are attached to this email.

That reminds me; the XeTeX reference guide (unchanged from July) is  
also available there:
It will need to be updated for XeTeX 0.995.

All the best,

Package change notes:

  - No longer assumes eTeX features.
  - Provides \RequireXeTeX to throw a warning if XeTeX isn't the  
engine in use.

  - \XeLaTeX logo added; thanks Herb!
  - Migrated some code from fontspec.
  - Added \namedglyph command to typeset font glyphs by name.

  - Renamed \newfontinstance to \newfontfamily (backwards  
compatibility is preserved via fontspec.cfg).
  - New command \newfontface that works like \newfontfamily but  
doesn't check for bold/italic/smallcaps fonts.
  - OpenType variants now work.
  - "Turkish" language now checks for both "TUR" and "TRK" tags.
  - Families can be a combination of AAT/ICU fonts, but are rendered  
all as one (this fixes the bug that Peter Dyballa ran into with his  
hybrid collection of Lucida fonts).
  - WordSpace/PunctuationSpace no longer keep increasing themselves  
the more times \fontspec is called :)
  - HyphenChar selection now checks that the glyph is available in  
the font.

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