[XeTeX] Regular math font, fontspec & xmaths

Bruno Voisin bvoisin at mac.com
Wed Aug 9 01:20:54 CEST 2006

Le 9 août 06 à 00:24, Will Robertson a écrit :

> My eventual goal for this package, which I hope to work on again soon,
> is the fontspec analogue for maths; it will handle setting up the  
> fonts
> for maths characters, as well as handling getting things like getting
> \mathcal to work.
> So, no good news at present but stay tuned!


I'm always amazed by the persistence and skills you've exercized with  
fontspec and now xmaths. Even if -- I think -- I took part in the  
elaboration of the original ideas for these packages, I would never  
have been able to turn them into packages, and especially to carry  
fontspec where it is now, with all its elaborated functions for  
OpenType fonts and non-roman scripts. Congrats!

Regarding fontspec, one remark/suggestion: the only thing that has  
prevented me from using fontspec regularly so far is the occasional  
changes in syntax, not always backwards-compatible. I generally want  
to be sure that I'll still be able to typeset my TeX documents in 5  
years, say, with no change in either the .tex input or .pdf output.

This is the same reason that makes me avoid using LaTeX packages,  
other than the standard ones -- i.e. those contributed by members of  
the LaTeX team --, as much as possible, because the non-standard ones  
tend to live for only a couple of years, or to undergo significant  
non-backward-compatible changes in syntax/functionality over time.


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