[XeTeX] XeTeX Win32 PDF file output error

Maurice Bauhahn bauhahnm at mac.com
Sat Aug 5 22:36:35 CEST 2006

Hello experts,

First of all, a big THANK YOU to Akira Kakuto who ported XeTeX to  
Microsoft Windows. From his site at http://www.fsci.fuk.kindai.ac.jp/ 
kakuto/win32-ptex/web2c75-e.html I downloaded did the following:

(1) Created a directory c:\usr\local
(2) Unzipped texinst755.zip locally and dragged all of the  
subdirectories/files into c:\usr\local
(3) Downloaded all of the following into a separate download  
directory (c:\downloads\xetex):
(4) From within c:\usr\local ran: texinst755 c:/downloads/xetex
(5) In Microsoft Windows XP Professional SP2; Control Panel -> System  
-> Advanced -> added to 'Path' c:\usr\local
(6) Put xetex-w32.tar.bz2 in c:\usr\local and ran from within that  
directory: tar jxvf xetex-w32.tar.bz2
(7) Edited ..\share\texmf\fonts\conf\fonts.conf so the only font  
directory pointed to was <dir>c:/windows/fonts</dir>
(8) Installed my needed OpenType/TrueType fonts in C:\WINDOWS\fonts  
and searched for the directory containing fc-cache, navigated into  
that position from the command line and ran the command: fc-cache -f -v
(9) Within c:\usr\local\ a directory structure of TeX scripts which  
ran on MacOS were installed and an attempt made to run them.
	It was interesting that the forward slash (/) was need for all file  
references...as opposed to the typical Microsoft Windows backward slash
(10) All seemed to run relatively well the first time (even a message  
indicating that the PDF file of 67 pages had been created).
(11) Unfortunately the pdf file was no where to be found. Invariably,  
however, on that and subsequent reruns an error message came up  
(sometimes before the end of the run and sometimes after the PDF  
output message) in a 16 bit MS-DOS Subsystem window: Command  
Prompt- ..\bin\xetex 41 Matt.tex; The NTVDM CPU has encountered an  
illegal instruction.; CS:0000 IP:011b OP:f0 19 e8 00 f0 Choose  
'Close' to terminate the application.

  It would appear that the system is having problems writing the PDF  
file to disk...presumably due to the path name. Is there anything I  
can do to help it along to avoid the error?



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