[XeTeX] SBL Hebrew

Malte Rosenau xetex_malte at web.de
Sat Aug 5 13:20:55 CEST 2006

Ralf Stubner writes:

> Malte Rosenau <xetex_malte at web.de> writes:
> > Here's a small example that should exhibit the problem: 
> >
> > http://wwwuser.gwdg.de/~mrosena/sblhebrew.tex
> > http://wwwuser.gwdg.de/~mrosena/sblhebrew.pdf
> >
> > The first line has SIL Ezra which is more correct but still far from being
> > perfect (the meteg is closer to the segol than to the qamats). Second
> > line is the same text showing SBL Hebrew. The third line is simply
> > consonant + vowel + meteg, the corrrect input order according
> > to SBL Hebrew's manual. The manual also states that older versions of
> > uniscribe might have problems handling the meteg correctly, so this 
> > looks like some problem with XeTeX's OpenType engine...
> What would correct rendering look like? 

Like this:


SBLHebrew-Manual.pdf is a good reference too.

> I have tested sblhebrew.tex with
> gedit linked against pango 1.12.1. Compared with what XeTeX does, the
> qamats is shifted to the right and the meteg touches the qamats, even at
> really huge font sizes. Is that correct? The position used for the
> qamats used by XeTeX looks identical to what gedit+pango uses when I
> input only aleph+qamats without meteg.

That's quite bad. Maybe we should run more unicode text from the Biblia 
Hebraica Stuttgartensia through XeTeX (and Pango) to see what else goes 

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