[XeTeX] SBL Hebrew

Malte Rosenau xetex_malte at web.de
Sat Aug 5 09:35:41 CEST 2006

JK wrote:

> On 4 Aug 2006, at 6:48 pm, Adam Twardoch wrote:
> > Malte Rosenau wrote:
> >> BTW: There seemes to be some sort of conflict between XeTeX and
> >> SBL Hebrew: The Meteg accent in ha'arez (last word in Gen 1:1) is all
> >> wrong. In Mellel, however, the accent looks fine with SBL Hebrew.
> >>
> >
> > You may want to send samples of this behavior to the font’s developer,
> > John Hudson at john at tiro.ca .
> It's certainly possible that there is a bug in XeTeX or ICU that is  
> causing this (it wouldn't be the first such instance!).  
> Alternatively, it could be an error in the font, but one that  
> different layout engines handle in different ways.
> Could you provide a minimal text file that shows the problem, along  
> with both incorrect and correct renderings using SBL Hebrew, so I can  
> compare the results?

Here's a small example that should exhibit the problem: 


The first line has SIL Ezra which is more correct but still far from being
perfect (the meteg is closer to the segol than to the qamats). Second
line is the same text showing SBL Hebrew. The third line is simply
consonant + vowel + meteg, the corrrect input order according
to SBL Hebrew's manual. The manual also states that older versions of
uniscribe might have problems handling the meteg correctly, so this 
looks like some problem with XeTeX's OpenType engine...

kind regards,

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