[XeTeX] where to place personal style files?

John Tang Boyland boyland at cs.uwm.edu
Wed Aug 2 10:51:05 CEST 2006

I'm using xelatex through texshop on MacOSX.
/usr/local/teTeX/texmf.cnf says that TEXMF includes $HOME/Library/texmf
but when I typeset (using xelatex), none of the files are found.
(\usepackage{...} fails).  I even forced an ls-R file, to no avail.
Where does xelatex look for files?

Thanks for any help for this newbie,

The relevant portion of texmf.cnf is
% User texmf trees can be catered for like this...
HOMETEXMF = $HOME/Library/texmf

% Our complete search path, the last three are searched through
% ls-R exclusively, which means that you have to run texhash
% after you have added, moved or deleted files in the tree


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