[XeTeX] Xdv2pdf: usage of old TFM fonts?

Jonathan Kew jonathan_kew at sil.org
Tue Aug 1 16:03:29 CEST 2006

On 1 Aug 2006, at 6:54 am, Toralf Senger wrote:
> The last option I see is to compile xdvipdfmx and let this program  
> make the pdfs-like on w32.
As Will says, the issue is that xdv2pdf does not support .vf files;  
this reflects the fact that xetex was primarily developed to work  
with unicode/aat/opentype fonts, and the "legacy" tex font support  
has not been such a high priority for me.

But you have identified the right answer: check out the current  
xdvipdfmx code, and build and install this; then you can run

   xetex -output-driver="xdvipdfmx -q -E"

and the .vf fonts should work.

The Mac support in xdvipdfmx is not completely finished (I think old  
"classic" Type 1 fonts in LWFN files will not work, for example), but  
it's working well enough that I hope to include a binary in the next  
xetex package, so that users can choose which driver to use. For most  
purposes, xdvipdfmx will be preferable (much faster; better legacy  
tex font compatibility), but there are some features it does not  
support (Quartz effects such as shadows and transparency; variation/ 
multi-master fonts; not as many graphics file formats).

(In principle, it shouldn't be very difficult to add .vf support to  
xdv2pdf as well, but I doubt that I'll work on this any time soon --  
if at all.)


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