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Bruno Voisin bvoisin at mac.com
Wed Apr 26 10:32:58 CEST 2006

Le 26 avr. 06 à 02:33, Ross Moore a écrit :

> If XeTeX is to handle mathematics correctly, then there needs
> to be a replacement for  fontmath.ltx .
> But this requires not just knowing the Unicode locations of
> all the symbols used with the 'operators' designation,
> but also knowledge of sizes and widths for proper placement
> of super/sub-scripts and their use as left/right-delimiters.
> I don't think we are ready for this yet.

This would aldo require XeTeX to handle Unicode code points in math  
fonts, by extending \mathchar, in the same way as it does for text  
fonts by extending \char.

A temporary workaround has been initiated by Will Robertson's xmaths  
package <http://www.mecheng.adelaide.edu.au/~will/>. I've installed  
it but I haven't had time to test it really. The only thing I've  
noticed is that, apparently, omitting the braces with single letter  
subscripts and superscripts doesn't work any longer, whereas it works  
in LaTeX. Namely, for example, $a_\mathrm{h}$ which works in LaTeX  
doesn't work with xmaths.sty loaded; I suspect it needs to be coded  
in the more correct way as $a_{\mathrm{h}}$. Probably a macro  
expansion problem.

Bruno Voisin

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