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Ross Moore ross at ics.mq.edu.au
Wed Apr 26 02:33:57 CEST 2006

Hi Musa,

On 26/04/2006, at 9:30 AM, musa furber wrote:

> Alexander includes
>> \usepackage[applemac]{inputenc}
> in his preamble. I don't know if it can cause the problem, but it is
> not needed. XeTeX expects Unicode input. I always just save my files
> as UTF-8 and XeTeX just handles them.

Yeah; I saw that too. But no, it doesn't change whether this message
appears or not.

It's a consequence of this coding, from  fontspec.sty :

   \ifzf at math@package\else
   \DeclareSymbolFont{operators}\zf at enc\rmdefault\mddefault\updefault
   \SetSymbolFont{operators}{normal}\zf at enc\rmdefault\mddefault 
   \SetMathAlphabet\mathrm{normal}\zf at enc\rmdefault\mddefault\updefault
   \SetMathAlphabet\mathit{normal}\zf at enc\rmdefault\mddefault\itdefault
   \SetMathAlphabet\mathbf{normal}\zf at enc\rmdefault\bfdefault\updefault
   \SetMathAlphabet\mathsf{normal}\zf at enc\sfdefault\mddefault\updefault
   \SetMathAlphabet\mathtt{normal}\zf at enc\ttdefault\mddefault\updefault
   \SetSymbolFont{operators}{bold}\zf at enc\rmdefault\bfdefault\updefault
   \SetMathAlphabet\mathrm{bold}\zf at enc\rmdefault\bfdefault\updefault
   \SetMathAlphabet\mathit{bold}\zf at enc\rmdefault\bfdefault\itdefault
   \SetMathAlphabet\mathsf{bold}\zf at enc\sfdefault\bfdefault\updefault}

The first part sets up access to upper-case Greek symbols,
using the CMR font with OT1  encoding.

Then later the encoding for 'operators' is changed to 'U' so as
to match the text-font.
This is appropriate for e.g., \sin \cos \log, etc.

It's at this point that the warnings are generated.
This is because LaTeX (in fontmath.ltx) has already
set the encoding to OT1.

fontmath.ltx:\DeclareSymbolFont{operators}   {OT1}{cmr} {m}{n}
fontmath.ltx:\SetSymbolFont{operators}{bold}{OT1}{cmr} {bx}{n}
fontmath.ltx:\DeclareSymbolFontAlphabet{\mathrm}    {operators}

This file is \input  when compiling the format file.

So it looks like these messages cannot be suppressed, without
doing a recompile of  latex.xfmt .

If XeTeX is to handle mathematics correctly, then there needs
to be a replacement for  fontmath.ltx .
But this requires not just knowing the Unicode locations of
all the symbols used with the 'operators' designation,
but also knowledge of sizes and widths for proper placement
of super/sub-scripts and their use as left/right-delimiters.

I don't think we are ready for this yet.



> Regards,
> Musa
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