[XeTeX] TECKit warnings

Jonathan Kew jonathan_kew at sil.org
Wed Nov 30 08:47:05 CET 2005

On 30 Nov 2005, at 5:18 am, Will Robertson wrote:

> On 29/11/2005, at 20:39 , Jonathan Kew wrote:
>> Currently, feature settings that aren't available in the font get  
>> reported only in the log, not to the console; so that would be the  
>> natural thing to do for the mapping as well. However, you're  
>> right, there's no message at the moment. That should be fixed.
>> Should these messages appear on the console as well as the log  
>> file? When I originally did them, I was thinking of them as  
>> comparable to the "missing character" messages TeX issues, which  
>> go only to the log. But maybe that was a bad choice.
> I don't mind missing font features being reported in the log only,  
> but mappings involve loading an extra file, so I don't know if the  
> situation is entirely analogous.

Seems to me that from a user's point of view, they're similar.... the  
font is still being loaded, but the user isn't going to get the exact  
behavior they were trying to ask for.

> Failing without warning in XeTeX is much better than pdfTeX's  
> tendency to crash hard for things like not being able to load a PDF  
> correctly!
> Doesn't TeX have switches for how much information is reported on  
> the log/console? If so, that would be my preference, but if not,  
> I'd keep it in the log file. I reckon too much information is spat  
> into the console output as it stands...

\tracingonline = 1  will make the "unknown feature" warning and the  
"can't find mapping" warning (new in 0.99) appear in the console as  
well as log.


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