[XeTeX] Re: maths delimiter design

Will Robertson will at guerilla.net.au
Fri Nov 25 04:16:51 CET 2005

On 25/11/2005, at 9am, Ross Moore wrote:

> (i) There are very few (if any) fonts that support
>       the allocated Unicode points for math symbols
>       and characters --- even if there were, there are
>       no input-methods that use these constructively.

Hmm, this last point is a bit of a concern.
Sure, the font might have maths italic letters in plane 1 somewhere,  
but how is (Xe)TeX going to know to put those in when it sees "x+y+z"  
in maths mode?

Are we going to have to make every letter math-active?
Or, now that I just think of it, will font mappings come to our rescue?


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