[XeTeX] Unicode line separator

Peter Dyballa Peter_Dyballa at Web.DE
Wed Nov 16 11:52:42 CET 2005

Am 16.11.2005 um 01:23 schrieb Ross Moore:

> So I need to know a good method to insert the correct bytes,
> to be able to do anymore testing with XeTeX.

Hello Ross!

You could use another Input Method. Apple supplies Unicode Hex Input, 
which you can choose in System Preferences -> International -> Keyboard 
Menu (same as for Character Palette). Holding the alt key you input the 
four hex digits (the next plane can't be reached on Panther).

Mail accepts LINE SEPARATOR as this Unicode character. I can copy it 
into GNU Emacs in X11 and it is preserved (this Emacs does not accept 
input from Character Palette or the Unicode Hex Input method, and I 
haven't checked whether it has a Unicode IM at all, I remember a simple 
external interface function).

The Carbon Emacsen fail completely! When I copy the LINE SEPARATOR from 
Mail to Carbon Emacs it gets simplified to a LINE FEED.

Emacs 23 on Aqua, the updated port from NeXTStep, accepts the Unicode 
Hex Input method -- but fails to display the glyphs correctly! An 
heritage from NeXTstep. I think it can't copy&paste with other Carbon 
or Cocoa applications.

If you can't find an editor like BBEdit, SubEthaEdit, or iTeXMac that 
accepts LINE SEPARATOR, you can either copy the LINE SEPARATOR from 
Mail into X11 Emacs and put it there into a register (mark the hollow 
rectangle, type 'C-x x j' to copy it into the register 'j') and paste 
this buffer's contents (with 'C-x g j') into the XeTeX source). You too 
can 'extract' (into a register) that glyph from utf8.txt in the Kermit 
distribution. The X11 or GNU Emacs I am writing of is version 23, the 
Unicode Emacs. The stable version 21.4 fails completely (LINE SEPARATOR 
is changed into LINE FEED), and so does its CVS version 22.0.50, which 
is basis to (almost) all Carbon Emacsen.

It might be convenient to type the XeTeX source in Mail and copy it 
into Unicode Emacs 23, where you have AUCTeX to convert it to PDF.

This works:

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