[XeTeX] TEI XML and XeTeX

Yves Codet ycodet at club-internet.fr
Tue Nov 8 13:25:56 CET 2005


Some members of this list might want to know (if they don't already 
know) that the latest version (5.2.9) of Sebastian Rahtz' stylesheets 
allows to convert TEI XML into LaTeX without modifying the text itself, 
so that the output can be sent directly to XeTeX. It is availbable 


(By the way, how do you create an active link in a mail?)

There's only one file ("tei-param.xsl") to edit, to set Unicode 
conversion to "false" and to add the necessary commands to the preamble 
(call FontSpec, choose a font...). That feature isn't new, though it's 
recent, but there was a small bug which has been fixed. For me at 
least, version 5.2.9 worked perfectly.

Best wishes,


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