[XeTeX] Font sizes in footnotes, and dashes

Tara Andrews chrysaphi at gmail.com
Fri May 20 20:40:56 CEST 2005

On 20 May 2005, at 19:28, Jonathan Kew wrote:

> It seems that the four faces of Mshtakan are not properly  
> recognized as making up a family, by the Apple Type Services  
> functions that XeTeX uses to find the associated styles. I'm not  
> sure why this is; I've seen a similar problem with some Korean  
> fonts, but never got to the bottom of it. I'll look into this again  
> when I get a chance.
> Meanwhile, you can work around the problem by telling  
> \newfontinstance the exact names of the styled versions of  
> Mshtakan, rather than relying on it to find them automatically:

Aha.  Thanks for looking into it.  After a bit of tweaking of the  
\newcommand, this is now working. I'd be curious to know what the  
problem is with the font family recognition, if you ever figure it out.

For reference, just in case someone searches archives, this is the  
pair of commands that make it go:

\newfontinstance\armfont[Bold=Mshtakan Bold,Italic=Mshtakan  
Oblique,BoldItalic=Mshtakan BoldOblique]{Mshtakan}
\newcommand{\arm}[1]{{\armfont #1}}

(Also thanks to Bruno, though I am going to stick with fontspec.sty  
for now.)


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