[XeTeX] xetex freezing after tiger update

Robert Voogdgeert rvoogdgeert at kabelfoon.nl
Mon May 9 21:46:05 CEST 2005

09-05-2005 jonathan_kew at sil.org wrote:

>Can you try deleting the first 70 or so pages from the source, and see 
>if it still hangs at the same place? And if there's a lot more to come, 
>try deleting most of that too, so as to get it down to a sample of just 
>a few pages.


I just discovered that the package covington was the cause of all the trouble.
Strange thing is, that no warning and/or error was given in the terminal. The
`example' environment needed one more return at one specific line...

My excuses for any inconvenience!


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