[XeTeX] contemplating fresh start on Tiger w/ XeTeX + ConTeXt

Mark Smith mark at bbprojects.net
Sun May 8 15:52:06 CEST 2005

Hi Bruno,

thanks for responding (and on a Sunday too)

Bruno Voisin wrote:

>Le 8 mai 05 à 15:04, Mark Smith a écrit :
>> As is oft the case, I had just gotten my set-up (Gerben's TeX  
>> (TeXLive2004 stable IIRC) ConTeXt (a beta from March IIRC) and  
>> XeTeX (0.94)) working properly when Tiger arrived. I did an archive  
>> and install, so I have my intact TeX tree which I could pull over,  
>> but I"d quite like to be current.
>> Is there are triad of i-installer packages (TeX/ConTeXt/XeTeX)  
>> which produces as working "XeConTeXt" (so to speak) "out of the  
>> box" on OS X 10.4 ? If so, which ? If not, which is the best set  
>> and what tinkering is typically required ?
>But then, even after pulling over your intact TeX tree (which has  
>been moved to a hidden location with name like "Previous Systems/ 
>Previous System 1/usr/local/teTeX"), you'll also have to edit /etc/ 
>csh.login and /etc/profile to make sure TeX and friends belong to the  
>default path. It'll also be safer to correct ownership of the whole  
>TeX directory hierarchy. The best way is probably to use the  
>Configure stage of the TeX i-Installer, and select CLI Activation and  
>Ownership Fixing (I don't remember the exact names).

Yes, I realize this, but I was wondering if this is likely to be less work than the amount of fiddling I'd have to do with a new install. (If my last two experiences are anything to go by, it could well be)

>However, if your internet connection is fast enough, I would  
>recommend simply reinstalling gwTeX

Yep, this is the other option I'm seriously considering. I was wondering if there were three specific versions of the individual i-Packages (TeX, ConTeXt, XeTeX) which reliably work together for "XeConTeXting" out of the box on Tiger. My previous installs have all required quite a bit of manual configuration (with a standard install, I'd either have XeLateX working or ConTeXt, but not both and not XeConTeXt), but I know that there are newer versions of all 3 packages than those in my archived, but functional tree.

>- Backup the existing texmf.local, in case you put local additions  

Got that backed up, but it got carried over in my archive and install anyway.

>- Reinstall the TeX i-Package, and all connected i-Packages.

Have you a recommendation on which versions of the three packages to go for ?


>I guess that's it!



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