[XeTeX] contemplating fresh start on Tiger w/ XeTeX + ConTeXt

Bruno Voisin bvoisin at mac.com
Sun May 8 15:27:30 CEST 2005

Le 8 mai 05 à 15:04, Mark Smith a écrit :

> As is oft the case, I had just gotten my set-up (Gerben's TeX  
> (TeXLive2004 stable IIRC) ConTeXt (a beta from March IIRC) and  
> XeTeX (0.94)) working properly when Tiger arrived. I did an archive  
> and install, so I have my intact TeX tree which I could pull over,  
> but I"d quite like to be current.
> Is there are triad of i-installer packages (TeX/ConTeXt/XeTeX)  
> which produces as working "XeConTeXt" (so to speak) "out of the  
> box" on OS X 10.4 ? If so, which ? If not, which is the best set  
> and what tinkering is typically required ?

But then, even after pulling over your intact TeX tree (which has  
been moved to a hidden location with name like "Previous Systems/ 
Previous System 1/usr/local/teTeX"), you'll also have to edit /etc/ 
csh.login and /etc/profile to make sure TeX and friends belong to the  
default path. It'll also be safer to correct ownership of the whole  
TeX directory hierarchy. The best way is probably to use the  
Configure stage of the TeX i-Installer, and select CLI Activation and  
Ownership Fixing (I don't remember the exact names).

However, if your internet connection is fast enough, I would  
recommend simply reinstalling gwTeX:

- Backup the existing texmf.local, in case you put local additions  

- Reinstall the TeX i-Package, and all connected i-Packages.

- Put your local additions back inside the newly created texmf.local.

- Run, in the TeX i-Package, a new Configure stage selecting only the  
Ownership bit (to make sure your additions have the correct owner --  
usually root/admin -- which may have been changed by dragging-and- 

- Run "sudo texhash", and the appropriate numbers of "sudo updmap -- 
enable ..." in case your additions contain .map files.

I guess that's it!

Bruno Voisin

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