[XeTeX] Chinese: vertical typsetting, pinyin tones, and Japanese macrons?

Pavel Straňák stranak at ufal.ms.mff.cuni.cz
Fri Jul 15 10:08:51 CEST 2005

Hello Roger,
you can also use Ross's excelent package xunicode and type m\={a}, m 
\'{a}, m\u{a}, m\`{a} .
I also prefer traditional acute and grave for the second and fourth  
tone marks, even though I am not sure it is correct.


PS: Cyril, it seems you use the caron for the third tone. I believe  
it should be marked by breve, but I might be wrong.

On 15 Jul 2005, at 08:13, Cyril wrote:

> On 15 juil. 05, at 11:45, Roger Hart wrote:
>> 2) I don't know if it is my error, but it seems that Japanese  
>> macrons don't typeset in Latin fonts (I've tried Times and  
>> Hoefler). For example, when I typeset
>> kenky~{(1  [kenky\=u in LaTeX]
>> I lose the bar over the u. If I enclose this in the CJK  
>> environment, it typesets just fine. But romanizations should,  
>> ideally at least, be typeset in the Latin font (e.g., Times or  
>> Hoefler), not in the font that is being used for CJK (e.g., Simsun  
>> Founder Extended), which may, depending on the font, have pretty  
>> ugly Latin characters.
>> 3) Also, the pinyin romanization system, the official system of  
>> China, and increasingly the system of choice for academics  
>> worldwide, places tone markers over syllables. Ideally, this  
>> should look like the following, from http://www.namkung.com/zev/ 
>> TimesPinyin.html
> I haven't used vertical typesetting, so I'm of no help here, but  
> for the diacritics, you just need to input them as unicode in your  
> text and it works fine. You might want to take a look at the  
> Character Palette in case you don't know how to input them, it  
> often comes in handy. What I did is to make a document with all the  
> "unsual" characters I use, and from there copy-paste.
> Here your sample (notice that the combining diacritical marks are  
> not available in Hoefler, so I used times, which you mentioned as  
> well.
> %&program=xelatex
> %&encoding=UTF-8 Unicode
> \documentclass[12pt,a4paper]{article}
> \usepackage{fontspec}
> \begin{document}
> \fontspec{Hoefler Text}
> kenkyū
> \fontspec{Osaka}研究\\
> \fontspec{Times Roman}
>>>>> Ōu
> lüè
> zhāng
> xiàn
> \end{document}
> hth
> cyril
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