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Bernhard Barkow bb at creativeeyes.at
Tue Jan 11 21:12:14 CET 2005

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there is a package "xcolor.sty" which offers CMYK colors (among several 
other color models); I never tried it, though, and I don't know if it 
works in XeTeX!
I never did my color print work in TeX but used real layout 
applications, but I'll have to try CMYK in LaTeX, sounds promising...


On 11. Jän 2005, at 19:54, Christophe DAMAS wrote:

> In the documentation of XeTeX I've seen that colors in XeTeX are 
> managed using RGB model. But this model is not used in the art of 
> printing and it can cause some crash during RIP process. The only 
> model that works fine with printing is the CMYK model. I had 
> experienced theses problems  with some figures produced by metapost 
> (where colors where described in RGB) : it was not possible to RIP the 
> figures, and the printer refused my publication :  I had to write a 
> special script to transform all (x y z setrgbcolor)  in (t u v w 
> setcmykcolor)  in the postscript code.  Il you want to be sure that 
> PDF file can be used for printing process, color should be described 
> in CMYK. RBG model is more suitable for color management in HTML 
> documents.
> Perhaps there is a way to use CMYK model in XeTeX ? But it's important 
> that colors in the PDF file be described using CMYK model.
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