[XeTeX] Color management

Christophe DAMAS christophe.damas at wanadoo.fr
Tue Jan 11 19:54:02 CET 2005

In the documentation of XeTeX I've seen that colors in XeTeX are 
managed using RGB model. But this model is not used in the art of 
printing and it can cause some crash during RIP process. The only model 
that works fine with printing is the CMYK model. I had experienced 
theses problems  with some figures produced by metapost (where colors 
where described in RGB) : it was not possible to RIP the figures, and 
the printer refused my publication :  I had to write a special script 
to transform all (x y z setrgbcolor)  in (t u v w setcmykcolor)  in the 
postscript code.  Il you want to be sure that PDF file can be used for 
printing process, color should be described in CMYK. RBG model is more 
suitable for color management in HTML documents.

Perhaps there is a way to use CMYK model in XeTeX ? But it's important 
that colors in the PDF file be described using CMYK model.

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