[XeTeX] ConTeXt problem after reinstalling TeX packages

Dalyoung haksan at mac.com
Fri Jan 7 14:26:14 CET 2005

Dear all,

I have tested a few things.

I copied cont-en.xfmt file from the old texmf tree to new place and try 
typeset a file "band-t.tex"(texexec --xtx band-t.tex). When it prompt, 
input the file name again. Then it ran and make an output with the name 
"texput.pdf" not band-t.pdf.
I tried another file, and it produced texput.pdf too.
I look into the texput.pdf file and find that all graphic files are 
blacked out.
In the log file, it read that "figure 4band1 can not be found"

Do you have any idea what happens here?

Thank you.


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