[XeTeX] Lucida Math Opentype

Scott Murman smurman at segosha.net
Wed Feb 23 00:29:15 CET 2005

>> i think this is a case of "if you build it, they will come".   there 
>> really isn't a migration path from traditional latex math to unicode 
>> math, hence a completely new method is required like \omathchar.

> so, in practice you would keep the normal tex math engine and let it 
> pick up the chars from a unicode font using a special version of 
> mathchardef; that's (i think) all there is about migration; the real 
> migration to something else is mathml and openmath
> Hans

i'm not really interested in math over the web, ala mathml and 
openmath.  if it happens, great, but right now it seems pretty clear 
that PDF serves that role effectively.  if standards emerge a migration 
path for tex users will also certainly emerge.  in the meantime ...

if we could shoehorn a unicode math typesetting system into the 
existing engine then we'd have a working tool, not vaporware standards. 
   i don't think it's as simple as provide a new font look-up for the 
existing engine, but w/o font look-up you certainly can't do much.


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