[XeTeX] Lucida Math Opentype

Hans Hagen pragma at wxs.nl
Tue Feb 22 18:03:22 CET 2005

Scott Murman wrote:

> i think this is a case of "if you build it, they will come".   there 
> really isn't a migration path from traditional latex math to unicode 
> math, hence a completely new method is required like \omathchar.    

depends on what you want:

- singular math characters in text
- math typesetting

in the first case, you're dealing with just characters, but in the second one in 
s special way of pasting glyphs together.

You can compare it with languages and unicode: putting a unicode reference to fo 
rinstance u-umlaut somewhere in the input stream does not make that piece of 
text german, so in order to get language specific things (like hyphenation) 
right, you need the language switch; same with math: you need to tell the 
typesetting engine that it's dealing with math; where the engine gets the 
characters from (what slot in what font) is not that much related to it

so, in practice you would keep the normal tex math engine and let it pick up the 
chars from a unicode font using a special version of mathchardef; that's (i 
think) all there is about migration; the real migration to something else is 
mathml and openmath


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