[XeTeX] xetex (plain tex) and graphicx

Bruno Voisin bvoisin at mac.com
Sat Feb 19 20:14:26 CET 2005

Le 19 févr. 05, à 12:48, Éric DÉTREZ a écrit :

> Le 19 févr. 05, à 07:23, Bruno Voisin a écrit :
>> Normally it can. It's difficult to diagnose without knowing exactly 
>> which LaTeX packages you used,
> I don't use laTex,  I just use plain tex with graphics.

Thus you're not using the standard LaTeX graphicx package inside 
/usr/local/teTeX/share/texmf.tetex/tex/latex/graphics/, but the 
modified plain TeX version inside 

What does the modification do for graphicx.tex? Let's see:

	% Plain TeX interface to graphicx package.
	% David Carlisle

	\input miniltx

	\def\Gin at driver{dvips.def}
	\input graphicx.sty


First it loads the file miniltx.tex emulating in plain TeX a basic set 
of LaTeX commands, then it selects the [dvips] option (= loads 
dvips.def) for the LaTeX package graphicx.sty, and finally it loads 
this package.

Same holds for color.tex:

	% Plain TeX interface to color package.
	% David Carlisle

	\input miniltx
	\def\Gin at driver{dvips.def}
	\input color.sty


which loads, in plain TeX, the LaTeX package color.sty with the [dvips] 

Personally I wouldn't trust the modifications to be robust enough for 
allowing use of graphicx.tex and color.tex in plain TeX in all 
situations, and I would either use the graphicx and color packages 
inside LaTeX or the driver-specific syntax (i.e. specific to dvips, 
pdfTeX or XeTeX) inside plain TeX.

>> with which options and in which order.
> so, no options seems available.
>> Did you specify the [xetex] option to the {graphicx} package 
>> explicitly,
> How could I do it ?

Normally, as explained above, you can't. I see two possible remedies 
though, assuming you've installed a recent TeX i-Package and thus your 
file /usr/local/teTeX/share/texmf/web2c/texmf.cnf contains:

% XeTeX
TEXINPUTS.xelatex =	.;$TEXMF/{xetex,tex}/{xetex,latex,generic,}//
TEXINPUTS.xetex   =	.;$TEXMF/{xetex,tex}/{xetex,plain,generic,}//

which defines which TeX directories are searched when XeTeX is used and 
in which order.

First solution: create inside ~/Library/texmf/tex/xetex/latex/graphics/ 
a file graphics.cfg containing:


This should make sure that when graphicx.sty is read the file xetex.def 
is read automatically, superseding the choice of dvips.def made in 

Second solution: create inside 
~/Library/texmf/tex/xetex/plain/graphics/ a copy of graphicx.tex, and 
replace the line:

	\def\Gin at driver{dvips.def}


	\def\Gin at driver{xetex.def}

Finally another solution would be to use XeTeX's graphic insertion 
primitives instead of the graphicx package. Namely, to replace

	$$\includegraphics[width= 10cm]{Fourier5.pdf}$$


	$$\hbox{\XeTeXpdffile "Fourier5.pdf" width 10cm}$$

> I didn't find  /Library/teTeX/ directory .
> I created a  /Library/texmfl/tex/xetex/ directory
> then  /Library/texmfl/tex/xetex/config in wich i created a file 
> graphics.cfg with the line
> ***********************
> \ExecuteOptions{xetex}
> ***********************
> But this didn't change anything.

This should work (see above). But I don't understand what you mean 
about /Library/teTeX/ and /Library/texmfl/ (why the "l"?). A directory 
Library/texmf/ should exist inside your home directory, not at the root 
level of your hard drive, namely it should be ~/Library/texmf/ not 
/Library/texmf/. The directory /Library/teTeX/ at the root level of 
your hard drive should be an alias to the invisible directory 
/usr/local/teTeX/, which contains everything installed by the TeX 
i-Package inside i-Installer. Did you install TeX without using 
i-Installer? If so, I can't be of much help.

Bruno Voisin

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