[XeTeX] XeTeX 0.99 released

Peter Dyballa Peter_Dyballa at Web.DE
Wed Dec 7 13:32:13 CET 2005

Am 07.12.2005 um 11:44 schrieb Bernhard Barkow:

> I rewrote/modified an AppleScript for that purpose some time ago:
> http://www.creativeeyes.at/tools/clamav

I tried it many months ago, but all I got was time spent and a hot CPU. 
I too tried folder actions.

The recent versions of clamXav have their own means to check incoming 
eMail and download directories. On another eMail account I recently 
received a lot of viruses (as "mail undeliverable"), but none was 
detected. Could be Mail is fooling me not telling me the exact folder 
name to scan, or it's this eMail account with a hierarchical IMAP 
folders structure.

I am glad to be an UNIX user!

Mit friedvollen Grüßen


Patriotismus ist die Überzeugung, dass unser Vaterland allen anderen 
Ländern überlegen ist, weil wir darin geboren wurden.    (George 
Bernard Shaw)

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