[XeTeX] XeTeX 0.99 released

Bob Kerstetter bkerstetter at mac.com
Mon Dec 12 06:20:29 CET 2005

On Dec 6, 2005, at 5:33 PM, Jonathan Kew wrote:

>> That's very suspicious. I haven't touched NAV in years, partly  
>> because of such negative experiences with it in much earlier  
>> versions.

On Dec 6, 2005, at 6:27 PM, Stephen Moye wrote:

> What do you use?

I know you addressed this to Jonathan, but to avoid viruses, spyware,  
etc. on all workstations I usually run as a non-privileged user and  
seldom as an admin. I use my admin accounts mostly for software  
installation and system maintenance, plus when my kids play HalfLife  
(NoLife?) CounterStrike online. In this way if I do get something, it  
cannot do much damage.  Also, I am careful where I go on the Internet  
and I never open attachments without first examining the file type.  
And I run mostly closed firewalls on my computers and on my network.  
One major virus stopper is the email server I use for the email  
account on my PC. It runs AV software by an outfit from Russia  
(Kaspersky Lab, I think) and it stops all of the viruses before they  
reach my desktops. Two years ago the email server even stopped 'My  
Doom' before it was officially recognized as a virus, but I think it  
was actually the email server's AntiSpam software that stopped 'My  
Doom'. Of course, one of the best AV protections is using Mac OS X. I  
am convinced it's just more secure by design. I don't buy the MS  
party line about the Mac having all of the security issues of Windows  
if OS X was as popular as Windows. Doesn't the Mac have 4% of the  
hardware market and 15% of the software market? But we have 0% of the  
virus market. Why not 15%?  By being careful and running non- 
privileged I have not had a virus for years and have not used AV  
software for two or three years. I'm just careful where I work and  
play online.

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