[XeTeX] Sanskrit hyphenation

Yves Codet ycodet at club-internet.fr
Fri Apr 1 18:43:29 CEST 2005

Le 1 avr. 05, à 11:48, Jonathan Kew a écrit :

> The problem occurs whether or not you include \language=\sanskrit in 
> your document, which makes me think that the issue may be somehow 
> related to loading the patterns (and corrupting something), not to the 
> actual hyphenation process. The current file doesn't seem to fit the 
> pattern of how other languages are loaded in LaTeX (the hyphenation 
> files themselves don't do \newlanguage, for example; that must be 
> handled elsewhere); maybe someone who knows more about LaTeX/Babel/etc 
> can look at that stuff.

I had a look at my xelatex.log and there's something weird:

Local configuration file hyphen.cfg used
File: hyphen.cfg 2004/11/20 v3.8d Babel language switching mechanism
\l at american=\language0

\l at USenglish=\language0
\l at english=\language0
\l at french=\language1

frhyph.tex - French hyphenation patterns (V2.12) <2002/12/11>)
\l at patois=\language1
\l at german=\language2

German Traditional Hyphenation Patterns `dehypht' Version 3.2a 
(Formerly known under the name `ghyph31' and `ghyphen'.))
\l at austrian=\language2
\l at greek=\language3

Greek language hyphenation patterns)
\l at latin=\language4

Latin Hyphenation Patterns `lahyph' Version 3.0b <2001/11/21>)
\l at sanskrit=\language5

sanhyph.tex - Sanskrit and Prakrit hyphenation patterns (v0.1) 
\l at nohyphenation=\language7

Applying patch file ltpatch.ltx
  ) )
Beginning to dump on file xelatex.fmt
  (format=xelatex 2005.4.1)
69684 strings of total length 59225
44088 memory locations dumped; current usage is 144&42138
3174 multiletter control sequences
3633 words of font info for 14 preloaded fonts
14 hyphenation exceptions
Hyphenation trie of length 24417 has 518 ops out of 35111
   10 for language 6
   26 for language 4
   6 for language 3
   207 for language 2
   88 for language 1
   181 for language 0
No pages of output.

Sanskrit appears twice. Maybe it's the ghost (language 5 or 6?) who is 
responsible for the strange results we had. So it might not be a XeTeX 
bug but simply that the hyphenation file has to be included in another 
way. A kind LaTeX expert could probably tell us.

Kind regards,


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