[XeTeX] Typographic consistency (was: CJK and ideographic font names)

Ross Moore ross at maths.mq.edu.au
Mon Sep 13 02:24:44 CEST 2004

Hi Paolo, and Jonathan,

On 11/09/2004, at 4:09 AM, Paolo Matteucci wrote:

> Il giorno 09/set/04, alle 23:56, Ross Moore ha scritto:
>> The updated version of my  utf8accents  package supports the TeX 
>> macro names
>> and many of the diacritic constructions used in the tipa.sty package.
> Thank you for this, Ross, and thank you, Jonathan, for reminding me of 
> the Doulos SIL font. I'll certainly give it another try.

I've now extended the  utf8accents  package to handle:

  1.  tone markings,
      done in such a way that the ligatures in  Doulos SIL  indeed are 

  2.  TIPA's T3 encoding is emulated,
      so that the uppercase letters and digits give the correct 
          (unfortunately they now gobble trailing spaces)

  3.  the double-accent shorthands in TIPA are supported;
       e.g.  \`*m  puts a grave-under accent
            also  \`*O  does the right thing too!

> The problem here, though, is a more general one. It is a problem of 
> "integration" or "typographic consistency", which was touched upon -if 
> I'm not mistaken- by Bruno earlier this week.
> If (1) you need/want to mix Latin text with [a lot of] maths, 
> [polytonic] Greek, Cyrillic, IPA, etc. (2) you are not able/don't have 
> the time to design your fonts or (3) you don't have the money to 
> purchase the appropriate font suites (which are all "wanting" in one 
> way or another, by the way -that's what prompted Donald Knuth to 
> design his own, after all), you don't have many other options but to 
> stick to the "CM font family" (although, quite frankly, I'm getting a 
> bit tired of it)... That's another [very important] reason why I'm 
> using tipa.

This latest version of  utf8accents.sty  should help.
Attached is the result on your example:

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There are a few small defects:

   1.  Doulos SIL  has no slanted or italic face,
       so your use of \textsl  has no effect.

   2.  Your source needed to be adjusted to replace gobbled spaces:
       e.g.         \textipa{N\^O Oi l?i}
       must become  \textipa{N\^O\ Oi l?i}

   3.  the \oldstylenums  still uses CM fonts.
       I used Hoefler Text  in this example; what font is better ?

Jonathan, the gobbled-spaces are due to making letters have
an active \catcode , I think.
This is a good example of where a font re-mapping would be helpful.

Paolo, if you have trouble setting-up the fonts, I'll send you
my modified version of your  canton.tex  example.
If you like this approach, please test other documents and report
anything that isn't working properly yet.



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> Of course, this is not XeTeX's fault.
> 	Once again, many thanks to both of you,
> 	Paolo
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