[XeTeX] Typographic consistency (was: CJK and ideographic font names)

Jonathan Kew jonathan_kew at sil.org
Mon Sep 13 12:46:49 CEST 2004

On 13 Sep 2004, at 1:24 am, Ross Moore wrote:

> I've now extended the  utf8accents  package to handle:
>  1.  tone markings,
>      done in such a way that the ligatures in  Doulos SIL  indeed are 
> supported.
>  2.  TIPA's T3 encoding is emulated,
>      so that the uppercase letters and digits give the correct 
> characters;
>          (unfortunately they now gobble trailing spaces)
>  3.  the double-accent shorthands in TIPA are supported;
>       e.g.  \`*m  puts a grave-under accent
>            also  \`*O  does the right thing too!

Ross, you're doing quite a job here! The folks who need this support 
should be *really* grateful.

> There are a few small defects:
>   1.  Doulos SIL  has no slanted or italic face,
>       so your use of \textsl  has no effect.

Yes, there's only a single face (no bold, either). A typeface with the 
same character inventory and OpenType support, but including bold and 
italic faces, should be forthcoming eventually.

>   2.  Your source needed to be adjusted to replace gobbled spaces:
>       e.g.         \textipa{N\^O Oi lêi}
>       must become  \textipa{N\^O\ Oi lêi}
>   3.  the \oldstylenums  still uses CM fonts.
>       I used Hoefler Text  in this example; what font is better ?
> Jonathan, the gobbled-spaces are due to making letters have
> an active \catcode , I think.

That's a bit odd. Merely making them active shouldn't cause 
space-gobbling; I wonder if we can fix this by adjusting what the 
active letters expand to.

> This is a good example of where a font re-mapping would be helpful.

Not forgotten! :-)

> Paolo, if you have trouble setting-up the fonts, I'll send you
> my modified version of your  canton.tex  example.

Could you send a copy to me, please? I'm curious to see if I can tell 
what's gobbling those spaces, and it'll be quicker for me if I don't 
have to figure out all the setup stuff!



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