[XeTeX] Latest Apple font bug: Didot

Adam Lindsay atl at comp.lancs.ac.uk
Fri Nov 26 11:08:14 CET 2004

Will Robertson said this at Fri, 26 Nov 2004 19:19:06 +1030:

>For what it's worth, I've found another bug in one of Apple's AAT 
>fonts, this time in Didot:

Hold fire, now. Did you try moving the problem down to the more primitive
XeTeX font spec? It just so happens I was writing some ConTeXt
typescripts for Didot two nights ago, and although the font is
idiosyncratic, I didn't run into the number case issue:

\definefontsynonym  [DidotRegular]['Didot:mapping=tex-text']   [encoding=uc]
\definefontsynonym  [DidotItalic] ['Didot/I:mapping=tex-text'] [encoding=uc]
\definefontsynonym  [DidotBold]   ['Didot/B:mapping=tex-text'] [encoding=uc]
\definefontsynonym  [DidotCaps]   ['Didot:mapping=tex-text;
       Letter Case=Small Capitals;Ligatures=!Common Ligatures'][encoding=uc]
\definefontsynonym  [DidotRegular-OsF]['Didot:mapping=tex-text;
                            Number style=Old-style numbers']   [encoding=uc]
\definefontsynonym  [DidotCaps-OsF]   ['Didot:mapping=tex-text;
        Letter Case=Small Capitals;Ligatures=!Common Ligatures;
                               Number style=Old-style numbers'][encoding=uc]

What I didn't like was having to explicitly suppress the common ligatures
when switching to Small Caps. It looked fairly ridiculous, with 'fi'
being a lower case ligature and 'ne' being in small caps. Is that a bug?
eh, maybe.

So in your report, Will, how did you phrase the bug?
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