[XeTeX] Migrating from LaTeX to XeLaTeX: issues

Bruno Voisin bvoisin at mac.com
Tue Nov 9 11:10:52 CET 2004

Le 8 nov. 04, à 11:00, dartar a écrit :

> b) Quotation marks and em dashes
> I use everywhere in my chapters “curly” quotation marks . I've read 
> that in order for XeLaTeX to correctly parse the document I should use 
> "standard" quotation marks. I'm reluctant to replace all the 
> occurrences of curly quotation marks, because I'd like to keep my 
> document compatible with LaTeX. Isn't there any hack to have the 
> XeLaTeX engine parse curly quotation marks as standard ones without 
> modifying the whole source?
> Same problem with the long dash "--" that XeLaTeX does not convert 
> into "–". Any quick workaround?

Assuming you mean that, in LaTeX, you have used standard TeX quotes `` 
and '', or ` and ', as well as en-dashes -- and em-dashes ---, and that 
you hesitate to convert them to Unicode quotes “ and ” etc., then what 
you just have to do is add ":mapping=tex-text" in the font invocation, 
for example:

   {<-> "Hoefler\space Text:mapping=tex-text"}{}

This only works if you have a recent version of XeTeX.

As for accents, such as \'e instead of é, this is taken care of by the 
package utf8accents.sty, to be downloaded from the XeTeX site at the 
"Related packages" page.

> d) pictures
> I've correctly added the xetex option when declaring the use the 
> graphicx package in the preamble. But still the images are not resized 
> as they should and they collapse with the surrounding text. Any idea 
> how to solve this?

This shouldn't happen with a recent version of XeTeX. For example, I 
use \scalebox{.45}{\includegraphics{persp5dip100}} with no problem. 
This may happen if you're a few versions behind and are inserting JPEG 
pictures, for example. This may also be caused by other packages 
influencing the behaviour of the graphicx package.

Hope this helps,

Bruno Voisin

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