[XeTeX] Migrating from LaTeX to XeLaTeX: issues

Jonathan Kew jonathan_kew at sil.org
Tue Nov 9 13:31:29 CET 2004

On 8 Nov 2004, at 5:00 am, dartar wrote:

> a) CSync problem
> When compiling some chapters I get the following critical error 
> message.
> "Error creating cg colorspace from csync profileBroken pipe"
> The error stops the compilation.

Sorry to hear this; I've never actually seen that message generated, 
though I know where it comes from!

This indicates an internal failure handling an image that you're trying 
to include. If you can find out which of your graphic files is 
triggering the problem (e.g, try eliminating graphics one by one in a 
problem chapter) and send me a sample graphic that causes this failure, 
I'll try to figure out what's wrong and how XeTeX can handle it better.



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