[XeTeX] osxfonts

Jonathan Kew jonathan_kew at sil.org
Mon Nov 1 09:18:04 CET 2004

On 1 Nov 2004, at 12:20 am, Will Robertson wrote:

> On 1 Nov 2004, at 9:31 AM, Michael Erlewine wrote:
>> Where can one get the osxfonts package? I can't seem to find it 
>> anywhere.
> It is part of the XeTeX Sample documents, which you can get in the 
> Downloads section of the XeTeX website.
> Alternatively, you could try out the fontspec package, which provides 
> the same functionality and more. (I wrote it, sorry for the plug.) It 
> is linked from the "Related Packages" part of the XeTeX website. (It 
> automatically loads the utf8accents package, from the same location, 
> so you'll need that as well.)

Will's fontspec is definitely the way to go. My osxfonts.sty (found in 
the Sample Docs) was just that: a sample, intended to give a starting 
point for people like Will, and he's doing a great job of developing 
things further.

> BTW Jonathan, fontspec now supports OpenType fonts, so your 
> description needs updating :)

Updated. :)


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