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Hans Hagen pragma at wxs.nl
Mon Nov 1 10:27:46 CET 2004

Jonathan Kew wrote:

> It's so long since I wrote any MF code that I don't remember offhand: is 
> there a way to escape a quote within a string? Double it?

only in a painfull process of string concatenation and using variables

> I suppose something like \XeTeXpreferredfontnamequote, settable to `\", 
> `\', or `\(. But remember that there might be occurrences of these in 
> the name, so we need either the freedom to pick a quoting option that 
> doesn't clash with what's actually in the name, or an escaping mechanism 
> to allow the quoting character to also be embedded.

sounds ok to me

> If I were to implement \XeTeXpreferredfontnamequote (any better 
> suggestions for a name?), ConTeXt could set this to `\( when it wants to 
> get a font name that it's going to turn into a Metafont string. This 
> should work unless you have a font name that includes parentheses, in 
> which case XeTeX would have to switch to a different quoting character 
> for that name.

right, and i guess that using ( ) in a fontname is not that wise anyway 
(ps will probably have problems with not summetrical ()'s:

ok: (font name)
problem: (font ) name)
ok: (font (x) name)

> Incidentally, do we know if the problem name in the original error 
> message really comes from an instance of \fontname in ConTeXt? Or is it 
> a name that was directly provided by the user in TeX source, in which 
> case simply using '...' instead of "..." there would probably fix it, 
> for this case; ConTeXt would then generate MF source such as:
>     defaultfont:="'Hoefler Text: Ligatures=Diphthongs'";
> which (I assume) would be perfectly valid.

sure, but it would demand user knowlegde; apart from the mp related 
problem, there is the fact that occasionally " and ' are made active 
characters, while () are mostly left untouched,


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