[XeTeX] Re: [OS X TeX] Where is XeTeX README?

Adam Maxwell amaxwell at wsu.edu
Sat May 22 16:04:46 CEST 2004


On 22 May, 2004, at 05:23, Jonathan Kew wrote:

> I've added a note about iTeXMac to the FAQ page at 
> <http://scripts.sil.org/xetex_faq>.
> If anyone would like to offer a more complete set of configuration 
> instructions, with screenshots, etc., I'll be happy to consider adding 
> them as a separate page to the site, similar to the TeXShop one.

I can do this.  What sort of format would you like?  I can write it up 
in Create and export as a web page, or make an RTFD in TextEdit.  Let 
me know what would be easiest for you.


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