[XeTeX] Bold small caps in Warnock

Bruno Voisin bvoisin at mac.com
Mon Jun 21 07:41:24 CEST 2004

Le 21 juin 04, à 05:15, Jon Breitenbucher a écrit :

> I have looked at Bruce's Warnock Pro .fd and .sty and am wondering how 
> to get bold small caps. Is this even possible? I get the following 
> from otfinfo
> [...]
> which indicates there are bold small capitals. But they do not seem to 
> be printed if I try combinations of \scshape,\bfseries,\textsc, or 
> \textbf. Clues? Is there something that needs to be changed in the 
> .fd? Or am I doing something wrong?

There seems to be a typo in the file Uwarnock.sty: comparing

    <-8.4> "Warnock\space Pro\space Caption:, +smcp"
    <8.5-13.0> "Warnock\space Pro:, +smcp"
    <13.1-19.9> "Warnock\space Pro\space Subhead:, +smcp"
    <20-> "Warnock\space Pro\space Display:+titl, +smcp"


    <-8.4> "Warnock\space Pro\space Caption:, +pnum"
    <8.5-13.0> "Warnock\space Pro:, +pnum"
    <13.1-19.9> "Warnock\space Pro\space Subhead:, +pnum"
    <20-> "Warnock\space Pro\space Display:, +pnum"

it seems +pnum should be changed to +smcp in the latter. The same 
should apply to

    <-8.4> "Warnock\space Pro\space Italic\space Caption:, +pnum"
    <8.5-13.0> "Warnock\space Pro\space Italic:, +pnum"
    <13.1-19.9> "Warnock\space Pro\space Italic\space Subhead:, +pnum"
    <20-> "Warnock\space Pro\space Italic\space Display:, +pnum"

and possibly others.

Bruno Voisin

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