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Tim Lighthiser lighthisertim at yahoo.com
Mon Jun 21 02:09:29 CEST 2004

Somadevah at aol.com wrote:
> XeTeX has made my work suddenly so much easier, many
> thanks, yet again.

Dear Somadeva:

I am wondering if you be be so kind to send to me a
.tex file whereby I can see how it is you are so
nicely succeeding.

For the past 2 years, I have tried to get devng output
(through Velthuis translt) in LaTeX with no real
success using the MacDevnag pre-processor

This failed because of TeXShop's in-ability to save
with a .dn extension (and probably because of my lack
of skills in Unix and TeX).

I looked at the TeX Hindi example on the XeTeX page,
but was unable to re-create it on my own. 

With all this being so, I thought I would just ask for
a sample from you.

I apologize if this is an imposition. I hope it is

With kind regards,

Tim Lighthiser

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