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Somadevah at aol.com Somadevah at aol.com
Fri Jun 11 22:49:09 CEST 2004

In a message dated 11/6/04 1:42:48 pm, jonathan_kew at sil.org writes:

> I've posted release 0.82 of XeTeX, which I believe corrects the
> vertical metrics/spacing problem with OpenType fonts. Jim, Somadeva,
> and others, please let me know if you still see bad results with this
> version.

Dear Jonathan,

Very impressive! There are no more vertical spacing problems in any of my 
edmac/ledmac files. I tried out Adobe Garamond Pro and Adobe Brioso Pro and they 
display and print flawlessly. When using   mixed scripts (various Devanagaris 
for me) it still   helps to use a high negative value of \lineskiplimit to 
avoid gaps between lines with different scripts (e.g. Brioso and Devanagari MT).

XeTeX has made my work suddenly so much easier, many thanks, yet again. I 
hope you keep up your work on this.   

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