[XeTeX] Adjusting spacing? [v.81]

J P Blevins jpb39 at cam.ac.uk
Fri Jun 11 12:54:28 CEST 2004

The OpenType support is very impressive, but with all of the fonts I
have tested, various baselines, etc., are seriously affected. In my test
documents, this is particularly acute in tabular environments, where
cells extend twice as far below descenders. I remember this issue being
mentioned before, and I wonder if anyone has devised a work-around.



>I have posted XeTeX version 0.81, in both i-Package and Apple Installer 
>formats. This release does not include any new features, but the 
>OpenType support has been radically restructured (let me know if 
>anything has broken that used to work!) such that it should be a little 
>more efficient; this release may be able to run on Jaguar again, as it 
>no longer links with the libicucore.dylib library from Panther.
>A couple of minor enhancements: the "color" option now works for 
>OpenType as well as AAT fonts, for those who would like to define 
>colored fonts using \font as an alternative to using 
>\special{x:textcolor}. And there are versions of some non-English 
>hyphenation files such as Russian and Croatian that couldn't be loaded 
>As always, feedback (positive or negative) is invited!
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