[XeTeX] ledmac in XeTeX?

Bruno Voisin bvoisin at mac.com
Thu Jun 10 11:44:57 CEST 2004

Le 10 juin 04, à 11:32, Somadevah at aol.com a écrit :

> I wonder if anyone has tried using Ledmac (the LaTeX version of Edmac) 
> in XeTeX? The ledarden.tex sample file works as expected with CM fonts 
> but if you specify OT fonts then the linespacing is messed up. Is this 
> because, as Jonathan mentioned earlier, XeTeX does not have the full 
> metrics  of a font available (and Ledmac somehow needs these), or am I 
> just missing something obvious.


I don't use Ledmac (or know what it is), but I have noticed that fonts 
can have an influence on the baselineskip in XeTeX: if you use Hoefler 
Text, for example, in a document originally compiled in LaTeX with CM 
fonts, the baselineskip won't be altered, but if you use Optima, which 
seems to have different metrical parameters, the baselineskip will get 
bigger and not follow that normally specified in size12.clo.

For switching to Hoefler TeXt I added in the preamble:

      {<-> "Hoefler\space Text"}{}
      {<-> "Hoefler\space Text\space Italic"}{}
      {<-> "Hoefler\space Text\space Black"}{}
      {<-> ssub * hoefl/bx/n}{}
      {<-> "Hoefler\space Text\space Black\space Italic"}{}
      {<-> ssub * hoefl/bx/it}{}
      {<-> "Hoefler\space Text:Letter\space Case=Small\space Caps"}{}

and for switching to Optima:

      {<-> "Optima\space Regular"}{}
      {<-> "Optima\space Italic"}{}
      {<-> "Optima\space Bold"}{}
      {<-> ssub * optima/bx/n}{}
      {<-> "Optima\space Bold\space Italic"}{}
      {<-> ssub * optima/bx/it}{}

Bruno Voisin

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