[XeTeX] OT: mac-ness, next-ness and bragging

William F. Adams wadams at atlis.com
Thu Jun 3 20:16:19 CEST 2004

On Thursday, June 3, 2004, at 05:09  AM, Gerben Wierda wrote:

> Hey, when we're bragging....

You win. Yours is longer...

> I have a NeXT *dimension* Cube (PAL) with spare 33MHz 040 motherboard,
> keyboard, mouse, and 21" NeXT monitor (died a year ago, sigh) and 
> external
> NeXT CD player, B&W printer, Singular Solutions A/D64x converter which
> connects directly to the DSP for sound recording, sound box and 2 B&W
> monitors

Sweet! I had a NeXT CD ROM, but when I got a chance to trade it for
  - a faster external Apple
  - 2 1.6GB HDs
  - and some other stuff
I leapt at the chance ;)

I do have a colour inkjet in addition to my LaserPrinter.

> (one is probably the only NeXT monitor in the world that you can
> switch off).

I've seen a couple of mentions of other people setting this up (you 
wire in a resistor, right?).

> I also have all the NeXTworld, NeXT in Line, NeXTinfo etc.
> magazines.

Did you know NeXTworld is available on-line?

> I also have the original sales material for the original cube
> (7 revolutions or so it is called and it is large and square and 
> really my
> nicest collector item I think)

Was that the 12" square brochure?

There was a way cool (huge!) poster too, John Kheit had a copy and sold 
it a while back.

> and much more. In fact, all together I have
> something like 2 or 3 boxes full of paper material, software and other
> stuff, like golden masters of NEXTSTEP 3.3 which I got because my 
> original
> B&W system had a DMA problem that made 3.3 unstable, shirts and sweater
> (the nice white one with embroidered logo), etc.

Neat! (I passed on my brother-in-law giving me his NeXT t-shirt. The 
bum also misplaced his NeXT SIMM tool)

> Not in use, though, currently, because I had to store it during our
> renovation and because we had to free one room for the addition to the
> family last september.

How is the new baby doing? (Not a baby any more, huh? My son William is 
going to be going off to school real-soon-now....)

> I am now using only Apple stuff (Apple cube and
> iBook).

At least the first is the right shape ;) The white iBooks are really 
cute though --- they remind me of my favourite clam shell laptop, my 
Sharp PC-6220.

> I would like to have a really big room to put all my stuff in so
> it could still be used.

Basement. Works better for dimming b/w monitors (though I've got a 
spare, don't want to haul it out until I must).

> Maybe I should sell my complete NeXT collection instead. It would not 
> sell
> cheap though...

That's one nice thing about this stuff, it stays useful and seems to be 
rising in value (depending upon the current whims of the collectors 

``Deloreans of the information superhighway'' as John Perry Barlow put 


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