[XeTeX] [OT] Old Macintosh Simulation (Was XeTeX 0.8 available -- now with OpenType support :-))

Bob Kerstetter bkerstetter at mac.com
Wed Jun 2 01:43:35 CEST 2004

On Jun 1, 2004, at 5:31 PM, Bruno Voisin wrote:

>> Hey, nice. But no Mac-Puke.
> What do you mean?

It was a system extension (or something similar) that make a puking 
sound when you ejected a floppy disk. :)

>>  I have a 512e that started life as a 128K with two 400K disk 
>> drives--one internal, one external.
> I also still cherish the SE/30 and ImageWriter II with which I wrote 
> my PhD.

Oh neat. I still have one of the SE/30's converted to a notebook 
computer by Outbound in Boulder Colorado. The trackstick still stands 
out as one of the best navigation tools available on a notebook 
computer.  No longer works, but looks cool.


http://surf.to/outbound (service still available)

>  But I was hooked on the Mac a bit earlier, with possibly the same 
> model as you (two floppy drives, one external, one internal, no hard 
> drive, separate number pad, just like here 
> <http://myoldmac.net/webse-e.htm>), lent by a friend for a couple of 
> weeks. Since then he has become a Windows guy, but I was hooked on the 
> Mac forever.

I bought my first in 1985 with a loan from my father-in-law who was 
35-year veteran of IBM sales. :)

It was really a fund time for computers.

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